Who we are?

Tpcloud is a Cloud storage and computer service provider with 03 offices across Vietnam. Tpcloud were named and established from Partnership between Tpcoms and VMware.

Since 11/2019, Tpcoms became the first and the only Partner of VMware in Vietnam. We offer the Cloud solutions which easy to use, super scalable and highly available cloud which is completely self-service and fully automated.
Who we are?

Why choose us?

The First and the only official Partner of VMware in Vietnam, Tpcloud were certificated The Professional Cloud Provider.

With VMware Validated Design Technology System and Cloud environment, Tpcloud will offer you the Top Cloud service of the world right here - in Vietnam..
Why choose us?

Our technology

Tpcloud uses the VMware Software Definition Data Center (SDDC) platform to provide integrated infrastructure including (computer, storage, network and security), automated management and system management. information technology of the business.

Guaranteed Cloud Technology

Tpcloud is supported by full advantage of VMware’s vCloud Director platform. This technology make our services stand out from other virtualization and cloud providers, allowing us to offer enterprise service levels to our customers with features like vMotion, HA, Fault Tolerance and DRS certified by vCloud.

Enterprise Hardware

Our environment is representative of a scaled out enterprise platform. Every zone is designed to be the same and utilises industry leading equipment from trusted Computer brands.

Easy to get started and operate

Tpcloud already has the resources you need to start your business. High utilities, complete information and always up to date will help customers find you easily.

Self service automation

Automation is the power of high quality cloud service. That's why Tpcloud have built the system optimizing automation. To help customer easily use and control with self - service, Tpcloud stay back up and support from the behind, only when asked.

Maintain steady profits

With a fixed number of customers and a steady increase, Tpcloud and utilities will bring attractive profits for your business.

Tpcloud's Partner

Tpcloud and Partners, together we will open the Cloud community with the top services.
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Tpcloud's Partner

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