The domain name is a unique address or an identifier on the Internet composed of sequences of characters separated by a period "." Domain names include: a) Domain names using characters based on ASCII codes (called ASCII domain names) b) Domain names using alphabet based on traditional languages of each country (called multilingual domain names (IDN)) A recognizable example is Type that domain name in the address bar of your browser, and the worldwide name server system connects your computer to the content of Google websites. The domain name is sometimes referred to as the property of the World Wide Web. An exclusive domain name for a unique piece of Internet landscape.
Top Level Domain Protection (Locking Domain / Domain Name Lock) is a domain lock service at the Registry level (the highest level allocating and managing that domain name - Registry Lock) with Verisign (international domain name) and VNNIC (Vietnamese domain name) aims to protect the domain name absolutely safe. The domain name registered with this service will be absolutely impossible to be hacked, not stolen, not transferred to another Registrar (Registrar) without the consent of the owner or the registrar is maintained. .
When you register a domain name with your domain registrar, your domain information (such as your name, company name, address, telephone number, email address). This information becomes available to anyone who performs a lookup of your domain name.