Fast installation and running in Tpcloud host

Just by some simple and quick click, you games, websites, apps can run and open your business when you need.
Fast installation and running in Tpcloud host
Data Secure

Tpcould Hosting guarantee about safety and secure for your data with 3 level off security: electronic security, physical security, network separation, and server & storage isolation.

Controllable Scale

Your won’t get bill shock from an unexpected peak of fluctuations in numbers of users. Tpcloud "My account Portal" totally allows you control your user traffic.

Best cost control

You can save the fee for first investment of IT facilities. And, you just need to pay the cost for real operation and actual use.

Our Product

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Free trial for 03 days with Tpcloud Server with 2 Cores - 2GB RAM - 100GB HĐ + 60BG SSD
Free trial for 30 days with TP CDN 100GB
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